We dove at Los Arcos today and I didn’t even drown. Visibility was low, but about 60 feet down our guide Jadi showed us rays, pufferfish, zebra eels and a tiny seahorse!

As soon as I saw that horrible fluorescent banana rental wetsuit, I knew it would be all mine! So, everyone else is looking ninja svelte in their black suits, and I get the yellow submarine special. Oh well- Jadi says sharks don’t like bright colors.

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Mexican Maypole

I don’t know exactly what’s happening here, but just watching it made me want to throw up.

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Round and Round

Nearly pros at taking the bus now… Ok we barely managed to make it back until a local took pity on us and stepped in to help.

After the beach it was a walk around some shops where I bought bracelets and scarves and pastries and sampled some tequila. Then we had a great shrimp and fish dinner. And ended another fantastic day with a stroll around the artisans market at the marina under a shining moon and stars. I took a break from photos tonight, but I’ll see if I can swindle some from the others later.


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All Beach, All the Time!

You would think I would have learned my lesson after a less than thorough sunscreen application (due to sandy feet) that left my ankles so burnt they’re literally raw- but no! More sun, here we come!

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Italian Food and Cuban Music

Tasty authentic Italian on a balcony overlooking the surf and sultry Cuban music and dancing. Dan left our names on the wall. Another beautiful day in paradise!

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PV Art Walk

Sunset on the Malecon and then a walk through the open galleries of the Puerto Vallarta Art Walk.

Manuel Martinez at

Alexis Rio

Sergio Garval

Amazing sculptures, pottery, jewelry and paintings. I snuck a few photos.

These were interesting- braided metal that looked like hair to me. The other pieces of Davis Birks included some interesting manipulations of artificial turf at

Others of note include Martha Gilbert Gallery, Mexican antiques at and Carlos Cortez at

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Open air dining on the marina- chicken mole and crimp with lobster sauce, good company and good conversation. An excellent way to end day number two!

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Post-Beach Shenanigans

Sneaking around inside these gorgeous luxury condos with more square footage than my house.

Jeff and Bobbie are fantastic at wheeling and dealing Mexico style. It’s a long story, but Dan and I are now going home with tis gorgeous catrina! Rebel or bandito- she has a new home.

Timmy had Lassie, and we have Google the Chihuahua.

When I was seven years old, Uncle Jeff took me on my first motorcycle ride. (And even let me pull back the throttle!) So it’s fitting that he took me on a mini moto tour around Gringo Gulch.

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The Beach

Surf crashing hard and a tricky undertow, floating and ducking. Salt in my eyes and sand in my hair and laughing through it anyway. Skewers of grilled shrimp and fish, fresh slices of jicama cucumber and melon with salt and chile. Crowds of vendors. Too many to mention. Except the pastry man- strawberry filled with powdered sugar. Slathering on the sunscreen, only missed my ankles. They’re throbbing. A beach day is always such a good day!

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Old Town

Charm and bustle and a hazy hot morning.

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