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Va Bene

Incredible Italian food and gelatto on the gorgeous lakeside porch at Va Bene Berarducci’s Caffe. They are generous contributors to Dining Out for Life. Advertisements

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Be Agreeable

Loved these two things posted at HCI School.

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Superior Surfers

It’s 30 degrees and snowing, and guess what these guys are doing in Lake Superior?

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Ellery House Wallpaper

The Ellery House Bed and Breakfast was cozy and beautiful and the breakfast was delicious! I’ve been taking photos of interesting hotel wallpaper and upholstery patterns, including this amazing border pattern over the fireplace.

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Duluth, MN in March

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Trip Summary

days gone: 39 approx hours driving: 98 trip gas: $669.20 mileage: 5,415 schools: 76 presentations: 28 workshops: 3 conference days: 3 Here is a map of my approximate route- Google maps would only let me enter 26 points. 🙂

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End of the Trip!

It’s the end of the Seattle or Bust Roadtrip! I’m back at the cabin, and it’s time to sort out my receipts and do all the follow-up work from the trip. Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for a trip … Continue reading

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Northern MN Curves

North Dakota wishes she had curves like this! After all of that straight highway, I’m so excited to be back in the snowy pines and thawing bogs of northern Minnesota.

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Fargo, ND

My work in Fargo was canceled because of the flooding- looks like I get to go home early!!

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Goose Poop

I was admiring how beautiful they were, wings glowing with backlit sunshine, dipping over the fields. Apparently my wonder is completely unappreciated. Do you think they hold it until it’s time to fly over the interstate? And then: Bombs away!!

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