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Dirty Puppies

I thought these little puppies in the pet store window were so adorable! Until I busted one eating his own poop. Suddenly, not so adorable. Advertisements

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These traitorous boots almost killed me today when I took a major digger in the classroom after my presentation. I literally flew over a chair, with my fancy expensive projector clutched in my hands, before finally surrendering into a sprawl … Continue reading

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Goose Poop

I was admiring how beautiful they were, wings glowing with backlit sunshine, dipping over the fields. Apparently my wonder is completely unappreciated. Do you think they hold it until it’s time to fly over the interstate? And then: Bombs away!!

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Snake Dreams

For the past few weeks I’ve been dreaming of snakes. Not scary snake nightmares, but some are pretty weird. The one from last week was a little bright blue green snake that was angry and I had his head pressed … Continue reading

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Night Visitor

Alone and happy in the peaceful quiet of a still Wyoming night, snow just finishing up it’s soft caress, leaving the night muffled and luminous. Walking out into the cold, I feel a shiver of unease, enough to make me … Continue reading

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