I just noticed that the shade umbrella was still out on the dock, still standing, but all folded up, so I went down to open it and let it dry in the sunshine before I put it away. I opened it up, stretched way up on my tiptoes, reaching to put the pin in, and see something crawling awkwardly along the inside. I looked closer and it took wing- a little bat! It flew past my face and out into the sunshine, leather wings flashing in the brightness thrown back by the water. Circling around, it tried to get back in (I’m still holding the umbrella partially open in shock) and it landed inside. I shooed her off and she flopped wildly, landing on my shoulder! I made a very sexy squawking noise and she did the same, swinging back out in to the sunshine. She circled, I’m waving my arms and yelling at her to find somewhere else to sleep, ‘Look! See the bat houses we made? See! Go over there!’ She, panicked and seared blind in the brightness, dive bombed back a couple times. I duck sheepishly each time, begging for her relocation, she makes a desperate last swoop out of the bright sunshine and we end with me hitting the deck, laughing at myself out loud. She is back in the cloth folds of the partially closed umbrella and I am fascinated watching her climb with her little face screwed up against the sun, rock-climber style, lanky elbows pumping away while she claws up to the air vents and back inside. We came to a civil agreement: she can stay in the umbrella until after dark, and then I’m putting it away, and she’ll have to find a new place to sleep. I considered drawing up a contract of truce for her signature, but I think our verbal agreement will do for now. šŸ™‚

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