Snake Dreams

For the past few weeks I’ve been dreaming of snakes. Not scary snake nightmares, but some are pretty weird. The one from last week was a little bright blue green snake that was angry and I had his head pressed between my thumb and first finger to keep him from opening his mouth and bearing his fangs. He was twisting around my wrist and agitated and I was afraid that he’d get loose, so in the dream I bit his head off! Then I spit it out right away, afraid of the venom and being careful not to bite down on his fangs. So strange! Started a few little snake sketches I’d like to revisit and play with. Not sure where this will go next, but found these great snake photos online to look at. I’m interested in the twist of their bodies, each sinewy curve piled up on the last, and the pattern of both the scale texture and the shape and color of their markings.

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