Fun and friends in Seattle

Caught up with old friends and made some new ones at the big National Art Educator Association conference in Seattle- over 4,000 art teachers were in attendance! Stayed in the hip and sharp Hotel Max, with local art on the walls and black and white photos on the room doors. Drinks at the Pike Place Brewery, Absynthe Bar at the Can Can kitchen and cabaret, polished off a bottle of sake and an amazing passionfruit wrapped green tea ice cream with Elyan at Red Fin sushi, a big group of us (including Burt Reynolds) took over a whole section of the Honeyhole, fresh salads and candlelight at Tango, Shannon and Susan and all of my fantastic teacher friends from Oregon had delicious food at their reception at Triple Door (I was a distinguished guest, or a party-crasher, depending on how you look at it…), an incredible lunch crepe from a street stand with ham and swiss and spinach and a drunken finale at the bar in the hotel! I keep thinking I’ll take photos of all this beautiful food to show you, but then I get excited and eat it before I can take the photo…

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4 thoughts on “Fun and friends in Seattle

  1. You are having a great adventure that will be a lifetime of memories!!!
    So interesting and fun, you go girl!!

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