Art in Pdx

The Wilsonville High students had a great display of artwork they submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards in their art department. And they recommended Queries in Glass by Mark Zirpel at Bullseye Gallery, which was an intriguing and eerie exhibition of glass, orbs, implied relationships and kinetic genius. Tract suggested a glass digestive system ending in a metal bedpan, and topped with a set of what appeared to be  bronze-cast teeth. The complicated miniature set referencing marriage was beautifully textured and smart. Jodie and Scarlet met me at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and we loitered around the galleries looking at the student artwork. We were mesmerized by the huge portraits of Sheroes by April Waters and inspired by the student artwork. Yes, I know it is very bad manners to photograph artwork in the gallery- I did it anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Art in Pdx

  1. I realy enjoy the stickyelbow posts………and I like the colors and drama in this painting “Art in Pdx » pdx art pnca 3”

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