Jackson, WY

There are PEOPLE in Jackson! I was starting to get a little starved for human interaction. I love the density of this town: visitors from all over, amazing scenery and wildlife, art and shopping, and food- you all know I love my food. Thanks to JP and Eric from Los Angeles that let me tag along to dinner at a great Thai place. We spent a few hours walking around downtown Jackson in the beautiful, floating snowflakes peering into closed galleries and shops and telling stories about wolves and snowboarding and I was so happy for company I forgot to take photos that night. We saw amazing fossils and a geode at Art By Nature Gallery that was as big as me that Eric called it a ‘thunder egg‘ (which is such a poetic and fitting name) and a ton of beautiful mounts, one that JP identified as a golden pheasant and a huge grizzly. I had to go back in the morning to take photos. Have fun chasing the powder, guys!

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